When you are learning to ride and when you pass Q-Ride Townsville course you will have your RE licence. RE means restricted engine so you can ride any LAMS bike. This means it is on the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme. This is the current list of learner-approved-motorcycle .

Under the LAM Scheme, a learner approved motorcycle is a production motorcycle that is fitted with an electric motor, or has an internal combustion engine with a capacity of not more than 660mL, and:

  • a power-to-weight ratio that does not exceed 150kW/t
  • has not been modified (other than for an allowable modification

So, there are many bikes you can ride with a general rule of up to 650cc. Be sure to check if your bike is on the list.

After having your restricted bike licence for two years (one if you gained this prior to October 1, 2016) , you are allowed to then train for an R licence. You can display an “L” plate on a larger bike (non LAMS) as long as you have a supervising rider with you.

Once you have your R licence you may ride any registered motorcycle.