This document contains important information about our policies including cancellation fees, protective clothing, insurance, sharing of information as well as our access and equity policy.

Q-Ride Training & Assessment

 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Pre-Learner Riders

The Q-Ride PRE-LEARNER course is a Compulsory 2 Day course to obtain your Learners Licence. The Pre-learner course is designed to help learner riders gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills in a safe environment before riding on the road.

Restricted (RE) Riders

The New Q-Ride Restricted (RE) course is a Compulsory 1 Day course to obtain your Restricted (RE) Licence. The course is designed for riders who know the basics of riding and have some experience. You must have held your RE Learner Licence for a minimum of three months if you gained these after October 1, 2016.

Unrestricted (R) Riders

The New Q-Ride Unrestricted (R) course is a Compulsory short course to obtain your (R) Licence. The course is designed for experienced riders who have a demonstrated level of skill and proficiency as a motorcycle rider.

One on One Hourly Training

If you need additional training either before your course or after, one on one training is available in any of the competencies or just to increase your level of comfort.

Equipment and Clothing

All fees include registered motorbikes in excellent condition as well as helmets, gloves and jacket. It is a requirement of Streetwise that long pants and covered footwear are worn by all students.

All learners must wear the following protective clothing:

  • Helmet meets Australian Standard (AS/NZS1698 or AS1698) or the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Standard (ECE 22.05) when riding Provided by Streetwise Motorbike Training Pty. Ltd. to sizes 2XL
  • Pants that cover the full length of the leg;
  • Long sleeved shirt or jacket made from protective material designed to minimise abrasions Jacket Provided by Streetwise Motorbike Training Pty. Ltd. to sizes XXL
  • Eye protection designed for use by motorbike riders;
  • Fully enclosed gloves designed for use by motorbike riders; Provided by Streetwise Motorbike Training Pty. Ltd. to sizes XL
  • Fully enclosed shoes

It is the responsibility of the learner to attend Q-Ride Training and Assessment wearing long pants, enclosed shoes and eye protection. We also recommend the use of sunscreen. It is also a requirement that during the on road assessment all learners will wear fluorescent vests supplied by Streetwise Motorbike Training Pty. Ltd.

Refund Policy

 Need to move your training Date – A student may transfer from one course date to a later date (pending availability) at no cost if requested no later than 48 hours prior to the original course being conducted.

Cancellations – If less than seven (7) days’ notice is given to cancel, we are unable to provide you with a refund. For all other cancellations a processing fee of $50 will be charged deducted from any monies received.

Safe Riding – Any student found by the owners, management, employees or contractors of Streetwise Motorbike Training to be acting in a way which may endanger the safety of themselves, other students, members of the public or property, may be expelled from the course with no refund.
 Access and Equity

 To ensure we assist all potential riders, it is important that if you need any assistance for specific needs such as language, hearing difficulties or other medical problems you advise Streetwise Motorbike Training prior to booking your Q-Ride course.

Streetwise will also evaluate all students before any course is taken to ensure there is no barrier to learning including literacy issues and or a disability that could affect a trainee’s performance. We will provide all reasonable assistance to ensure access and equity for all students to Q-Ride Training and Assessment.

Management, staff and or contractors for Streetwise Motorbike Training are aware that various students have different needs and we will ensure assistance is appropriate to the Q-Ride Competency Standards.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us to have a confidential discussion.

 Grievance and Review Process

Streetwise Motorbike Training takes your feedback very seriously. We want to continually improve our Q-Ride Training & Assessment sessions.

If you do have a grievance or want to appeal a decision, we hope that you will talk to your trainer as soon as possible and attempt to get a satisfactory response straightaway.

If for any reason, your grievance or appeal could not be resolved or if your complaint is about your trainer, we ask that you put your complaint/appeal in writing via email or addressed to the office where this will be dealt with by the management of Streetwise Training.

Depending on the situation, we aim that a resolution through better understanding, apology or making change could be undertaken.

Should it not be possible to resolve the issue, Streetwise Motorbike Training Pty. Ltd. may offer a third party to mediate the grievance or review the appeal.

It is a requirement that all appeals and grievances are advised to us within 12 weeks of your course date.

 Insurance – Please read carefully

  Included in your Q-Ride Training & Assessment fee is insurance for any damage caused to bikes owned and operated by Streetwise Motorbikes Pty. Ltd.

It does not cover any damage to other vehicles; a motorbike that you provide; person or property, including yourself as a student and this is your responsibility.

You will be required on the day of training to sign an indemnity for all claims against Streetwise Motorbike Training Pty Ltd and its employees, agents or contractors.  It is important during training that if you are asked to perform any exercise that is not within your current capability, you will inform your trainer. Should you have any concerns or questions please contact us to discuss.

 Release of Information

 Streetwise will only release student information directly to a student who applies in writing for it. Streetwise may also release information as required by the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland and Queensland Police.

If students require a copy of their records an administration fee may apply. Please request this via email to Streetwise Motorbike Training Pty. Ltd.

Streetwise may require you to complete the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Form F2121) Release of Information Application to verify any statements made by you about your driver licence before accepting your enrolment in Q-Ride Training.

For any further information please feel free to contact us.