Level 2:

Even if you’re experienced on a bike and ride frequently, there is always room for improvement. Great riders continue to work on the skills, it’s a craft after all. Our Level 2 course will help you become the best and safest rider on the road, so your daily or social commutes go much smoother.

In this course, you’ll learn:
• Road speed cornering
• Line selection
• Correct riding posture
• Improved mental attitude while riding
• Advanced braking so you can successfully avoid collisions.

We film your rides with GoPro’s so we can provide individual feedback and you can see what your rides look like from a different perspective.

Ready to learn motorbike road skills to prepare you for everything the road can throw at you?

Book now: https://www.streetwisebikes.com.au/all-events/?month=sept&yr=2018