We get a lot of calls from people wanting to get their opens or asking if they can ride a Harley or their R1 on their RE license. It can be confusing to know the different types of licenses, understand how you qualify and what steps you need to follow to gain the license that suits your needs.

a) RE L (Motorycle Learners for a restriced engine bike – up to 650cc roughly) b) RE O, P1 or P2 (Depending on what your car licence is your next licence is to ride a restricted engine unsupervised) b) R O or P1, P2 (Depending on your car licence, this is for an unrestricted motorbike)

Getting you Motorcycle Learner License

The first step to getting a learners motorcycle license is making sure you have held a car license for 12 months. This can be a provisional, P1, P2 or open car (class C). You must have held this in the last five years. By having this, as a motorcycle rider you will already have on-road riding experience.

From October 1, 2016 To get your class RE learner licence, you need to:

1. Hold a provisional or open car licence and have held the licence for at least 1 year. This makes sure you have on-road driving experience before you learn to ride.

2. Successfully complete a 2 Day Q-Ride pre-learner training and assessment course. This requirement is for everyone regardless of your experience

3. Pass a motorcycle knowledge test and

4. Be medically fit

The new pre-learner training and assessment course has been introduced to better prepare learner riders by enabling them to gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills in a safe environment before riding on-road.

If you already have your RE learners license and want to upgrade to your RE license, you don’t need to do this course if you can ride

Getting you RE License

Once you have your learners and you have held this for a minimum period of 3 months, book your Streetwise Q-Ride Course with us in Townsville. We will teach you to ride using our skills and knowledge and following the Q-Ride training and assessment program. This consists of a number of competency standards that we will take you through at your pace.

When you have demonstrated that you are competent in all of the Q-Ride competencies, Streetwise Townsville or Streetwise Mount Isa will issue you with a competency declaration (Q-Ride Certificate) which you take the Department of Transport and Main Roads for your license or you can upgrade online using this link Upgrading your licence

Once you have gained your license you will be able to ride a motorbike on the LAM list. LAM Scheme list of approved motorcycles.

Upgrading you license

If after holding your RE License for 24 months you wish to ride a bike with a larger engine capacity or a bike that is not on the LAMS list you will need to re book with us in Townsville and attend Q-Ride.

This time though we will supply you with a large bike (non LAMS) to demonstrate your competence in all of the Q-Ride areas. We again will issue you with a certificate that you take to the Department of Transport to upgrade your license to upgrade to an unrestricted R License or you can upgrade online using this link Upgrading your licence

For any questions feel free to chat with us on (07) 4408 0050 or email us at info@streetwisegroup.com.au.