Our motorcycle school training courses are unlimited and can be designed for small groups, one on one or perhaps just you and a mate.  These are some of the areas that we offer:

Improve Road Skills – so you have done Q-Ride. Yes you have passed all the manoeuvres but have found being on the road brings a whole lot of challenges that could benefit from gaining more skills. We have a great course that is designed to keep you safe and give you the skills to react to the many situations that a rider experiences.

Advanced – Building on from your improved road skills, its time to tackle your cornering and ensure your body position is right and your braking is spot on. We teach you skills to ensure you know how to best respond to critical situations and enjoy your ride.

Adventure Bike Riding – Adventure riding draws on different riding skills and is lots of fun but also presents every rider with plenty of challenges that you need to be prepared for. Our training is designed for every level of rider and can be delivered in small groups or one on one.

Racing Skills –whether you are just getting interested in racing with your local community or you really want to fine tune your skills, we have the course for you. Brett has raced GP, Enduro and still races Motard. The Streetwise team won the Townsville 200 in 2014.

Young Riders – we have plenty of young rider options including learning trail bike skills, junior racing and beginner rider lessons. Call us and discuss your child’s training needs.

Streetwise Motorbike Training – Townsville’s local motorcycle school for training in refresher courses, defensive riding techniques, advanced riding techniques, gaining confidence on your own motorcycle and we have the best Qride Townsville trainers in town.
Call us today to book (07) 4408 0050 www.streetwisebikes.com.au