Pre-Learner Course

2 Day Course

This course is for anyone wanting to gain their motorcycle learner licence after you have held a car licence for one year. It is a mandatory course regardless of age or experience to gain your learners.

This course is designed to help you gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills in a safe environment before learning to ride on the road.

Restricted (RE) Course

1 Day Course

The Q-Ride course is designed to help you further develop your riding knowledge and skills and is designed for people who have some riding experience or who completed the two day pre-learner course.

Unrestricted (R) course

1/2 Day Course

The Q-Ride Unrestricted course is designed to reinforce your riding knowledge and skills and further develop your higher order cognitive skills and risk management strategies.

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  • Corrie M. Avatar

    I huge thank you to Michelle and Brett.
    As a first time bike rider, your training, encouragement and road safe tips have got me on my bike and riding. I have found the entire experience exhilarating, terrifying and exciting. I cannot recommend you guys strongly enough.
    My husband and I are now setting on a whole new experience and adventure together, we could not have achieved this level of confident riding without you.
    Thank you so much Corrie

    Corrie M. 27/07/18
  • John S. Avatar

    My wife and i did the prelearners course and both enjoyed it and actually learned something. It was my wifes first time on a bike and i hadnt ridden in over 20 plus years and Brett took the time to ensure we picked up what we needed to. Highly recommend them to anyone new or aging rider to give them a try. Cheers.

    John S. 13/09/17
  • Justin T. Avatar

    Over the last 2 days I was lucky enough to conduct my Q-Ride course with the guys at Streetwise. Special thanks to Brett, Tyler & Verity. I would HIGHLY recommend all you Townsvilleians & surroundings take your Q-Ride course with the guys at Streetwise, very helpful & clearly a world of knowledge with these instructor's, the bikes where great to work with.
    Thanks Brett, Tyler & Verity..

    Justin T. 13/09/15
  • Kaz M. Avatar

    Awesome trainers, very patient great bunch of people.

    Kaz M. 26/07/17
  • Brody H. Avatar

    Completed my RE license with Brett the other day with the 1 day course, had an absolute ball of a time. The riding is solid, the bikes are in good condition and the instructors couldn't be faulted. Can't recommend them more.

    Brody H. 21/10/16
  • Lawrence S. Avatar

    Amazing knowledgeable experience highly recommend them

    Lawrence S. 21/05/16
  • Lisa W. Avatar

    Huge massive thank you to Michelle, Anthony (love his Harley :)) and Brett for an amazing weekend. So professional and encouraging. The Pre-Learners course went by so fast and we learnt so so much. Can’t wait to go back. Anyone wanting to learn to ride, this is the place to go!!!

    Lisa W. 31/07/18
  • Isaac R. Avatar

    I have recently completed my 1 day RE course, and would highly recommend Streetwise training. Although a tad nervous at first, not knowing what to expect. Brett and Michelle were very accommodating. The techniques they shared have given me confidence in knowing how to handle a bike on the road. Fantastic day and I highly recommend using them for your training.

    Isaac R. 19/01/17
  • Kelvin d. Avatar

    Great people and course, easily explained and no pressure. Was my first time on a bike and I've left the pre learner course very confident. Can't wait to go back to get my RE . Thanks Brett and Michelle

    Kelvin d. 01/10/17
  • William M. Avatar

    Great day, good training. Great equipment and service

    William M. 31/05/17