Pre-Learner Course

2 Day Course

This course is for anyone wanting to gain their motorcycle learner licence after you have held a car licence for one year. It is a mandatory course regardless of age or experience to gain your learners.

This course is designed to help you gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills in a safe environment before learning to ride on the road.

Restricted (RE) Course

1 Day Course

The Q-Ride course is designed to help you further develop your riding knowledge and skills and is designed for people who have some riding experience or who completed the two day pre-learner course.

Unrestricted (R) course

1/2 Day Course

The Q-Ride Unrestricted course is designed to reinforce your riding knowledge and skills and further develop your higher order cognitive skills and risk management strategies.

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Q Ride Pre-Learner CourseQ-Ride Restricted (RE) Course - 8am Week DayQ-Ride Unrestricted (R) Course - 2pm SaturdayImproved Road SkillsAdvanced SkillsHappy Hour - LearnersPrivate Lessons
Happy Hour Road Ride for LearnersQ-Ride Restricted (RE) Course - 11am DayQ-Ride Unrestricted (R) Course - 7am DayQ-Ride Unrestricted (R) Course - 2.30pm Day

  • Michael P. Avatar

    The Q-Ride course and private lesson with Streetwise Motorcycle Training was great! Brett and Michelle walk you through all aspects of riding motorcycles safely and competently, and are extremely effective trainers. They want you on the road having fun but being safe and will get you to the level you need to do this.
    I had little riding experience (scooters only), but felt comfortable and able to ride a motorcycle after their training. I was stepped patiently though the basics right up to street riding, always at a level that was comfortable, with the knowledge and skills built upon when I was ready. A perfect learning experience.
    The whole time you get a sense of how much they love riding and want you to as well but with your safety being paramount. I will be back for further courses with Streetwise in the future. 5 stars!

    Michael P. 18/02/17
  • Jae H. Avatar

    I have absolutely loved my training! Brett and Michelle are extremely patient and explain things so that everyone can understand! It’s wonderful! I can’t recommend them enough.

    Jae H. 25/08/18
  • Trudy S. Avatar

    The two day pre-learner course is fantastic. Really well taught by Michelle, probably one of the best trainers we have experienced. This is a really good experience if you want a refresher or are new to motorcycling. Great job Streetwise.

    Trudy S. 28/05/17
  • Callum F. Avatar

    As a first time rider Brett done a great job at building my confidence to tackle the challenges. Great team very professional, thanks Streetwise for an unforgettable day. See you on the track

    Callum F. 19/09/15
  • Sandy E. Avatar

    30/30 on my licence! Thank you to the amazing dynamic duo Brett and Michelle for your awesome training skills.
    Thoroughly recommend Streetwise for beginners and refreshers!
    Thanks Sandy

    Sandy E. 18/06/17
  • Justin T. Avatar

    Over the last 2 days I was lucky enough to conduct my Q-Ride course with the guys at Streetwise. Special thanks to Brett, Tyler & Verity. I would HIGHLY recommend all you Townsvilleians & surroundings take your Q-Ride course with the guys at Streetwise, very helpful & clearly a world of knowledge with these instructor's, the bikes where great to work with.
    Thanks Brett, Tyler & Verity..

    Justin T. 13/09/15
  • Desley R. Avatar

    Easy booking, great trainers, left
    Feeling confident. Good All round experience.

    Desley R. 23/07/17
  • Jason F. Avatar

    I did my RE license two and a bit yeas ago and today went for my opens. The response, support and knowledge that I got from both Verity and Brett was outstanding, working their program around to fit in my trike was great.
    Thank you to the entire team for a great day.

    Jason F. 11/02/19
  • Arlie A. Avatar

    I was so nervous to ride a bike for the first time and these guys did an amazing job at settling my nerves and teaching me to ride. I did the pre-learner course this weekend and It was great! Thanks team 😊😊😁😁

    Arlie A. 11/11/18
  • Shannõn L. Avatar

    Have tried other QRide providers in Townsville - these guys are by FAR the best. Will def be back for my R course in a few years!

    Shannõn L. 13/01/19