Pre-Learner Course

2 Day Course

This course is for anyone wanting to gain their motorcycle learner licence after you have held a car licence for one year. It is a mandatory course regardless of age or experience to gain your learners.

This course is designed to help you gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills in a safe environment before learning to ride on the road.

Restricted (RE) Course

1 Day Course

The Q-Ride course is designed to help you further develop your riding knowledge and skills and is designed for people who have some riding experience or who completed the two day pre-learner course.

Unrestricted (R) course

1/2 Day Course

The Q-Ride Unrestricted course is designed to reinforce your riding knowledge and skills and further develop your higher order cognitive skills and risk management strategies.

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Q Ride Pre-Learner CourseQ-Ride Restricted (RE) Course - 8am Week DayQ-Ride Unrestricted (R) Course - 2pm SaturdayImproved Road SkillsAdvanced SkillsHappy Hour - LearnersPrivate Lessons
Happy Hour Road Ride for LearnersQ-Ride Restricted (RE) Course - 11am DayQ-Ride Unrestricted (R) Course - 7am DayQ-Ride Unrestricted (R) Course - 2.30pm Day

  • Alexander U. Avatar

    Definitely a must if you want to get on motorbike, very good experience all around

    Alexander U. 02/09/18
  • Justin C. Avatar

    Brett and Michelle are amazing instructors. The course is well planned out and cster to all types of riding experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone.

    Justin C. 24/06/18
  • Dylan H. Avatar

    Honestly the best in town great down to earth people with easy to learn teaching techniques and really approachable with any questions wether you think they are silly or not i will definitely be going back and recomend them to anyone from never riden a bike before to the novice (y)

    Dylan H. 04/11/16
  • Kylie B. Avatar

    After having my L Motorbike license for over 2 years now, I decided to book in to do my RE license with Streetwise Motorbike Training. Initially,, I only booked in to do my automatic license as I've only ever ridden a Moped, but Michelle asked if I wanted to have a go on a manual bike (to see how I liked it and save myself some money on having to do another course later on). Well,, I could not have asked for a better pair of people to teach me how to ride a manual Motorbike. Brett and Michelle are honestly the most wonderful trainers. I blitzed my training and I am now the proud holder of a Manual RE Open Motorbike License. For anyone thinking of doing the course,, DO IT!!! Brett and Michelle are fantastic and they make the course fun.

    Kylie B. 12/08/17
  • Ruth B. Avatar

    I thoroughly enjoyed the pre learner course. Brett and Michelle were welcoming and friendly.
    They explained everything well and were always happy to take questions.
    They encouraged, guided and gave excellent advice.
    As a complete beginner I left with a much better understanding of road skills and more importantly reassurance that further support was available.
    Highly recommend!

    Ruth B. 24/06/18
  • Sandy E. Avatar

    30/30 on my licence! Thank you to the amazing dynamic duo Brett and Michelle for your awesome training skills.
    Thoroughly recommend Streetwise for beginners and refreshers!
    Thanks Sandy

    Sandy E. 18/06/17
  • Tony B. Avatar

    I completed both my Pre-Learner, and RE licence courses with Streetwise. Definitely recommend - the content and training was great - and Brett, Verity and Michelle were really awesome presenters/tutors. Great people - highly recommend.

    Tony B. 22/02/19
  • Bart R. Avatar

    The happy hour ride on Saturday was great, I highly recommend this business to anyone planning on getting their motorcycle licence.

    Bart R. 18/03/19
  • Shannõn L. Avatar

    Have tried other QRide providers in Townsville - these guys are by FAR the best. Will def be back for my R course in a few years!

    Shannõn L. 13/01/19
  • Susan A. Avatar

    Brett, Michelle and Anthony were amazing. They are patient, good hearted and excellent at training people of all ages and abilities; absolute beginners to those with years of experience.

    Susan A. 02/09/18